Sick of boring cardio workouts?

Sick of boring cardio workouts? Get back to basics with a fitness boot camp class. These group sessions, which focus on military-style exercises and functional movements like push-ups, squats, sprints, and sit-ups, provide a killer workout and a chance to sweat outside the gym. Here’s what to expect for every civilian left-right-left-ing to a class.

Basic Training — The Need-to-Know
Based on programs used to whip new military recruits into shape, fitness boot camp classes aren’t for the faint of heart. These high-intensity workouts deliver results in a total-body approach, combining sprint intervals, bodyweight exercises, and high-intensity moves like kicking and punching.
The key: limiting rest time in between each move to get the heart rate up and burn calories fast.

While Fitness Bootcamps may have been born in the late 90′s, the craze really took off in 2008. However, Curtis McGee is one of the Trainers who has been Fitness Boot-Camping since its origination, and brings his years of experience to each class. A typical class lasts one hour and can burn around 600 calories, building strength and aerobic capacity all at the same time. Plus, with one of our dedicated instructors and a group of friends with like-minded Fitness Goals all sweating together, it’s easy to stay motivated and go for that last crunch.


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    5 SESSIONS or LESS$75/HR

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I started training with Curtis McGee last June. I was referred to him by a good friend.  I knew I needed some motivation to get myself back into fitness competition mode. I had taken 1 1/2 years off, gained 15 pounds, and was burnt out on training! Curtis took the time to listen to me and my needs and has helped me again enjoy what I've always had a passion for! He took me back to a competitive athlete training level.  I competed in my first WBFF show last weekend and placed 2nd in my category!!!! - A win-win situation for Kerrie... As always Curtis McGee delivers!
Kerrie Rogers-Stumpf - WBFF VIP Client